Will the Elderly Have Their Own #MeToo Movement?

Millions of elderly Americans suffer some form of abuse every year. While women suffering sexual harassment at work were able to publicize the abuse they’ve had to suffer, older Americans largely suffer in silence. In an effort to bring attention to the issue, the United Nations has named June 15 as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. There are many types of elder abuse and victims may have to deal with more than one at the same time, according to the National Council on Aging. Physical abuse: inflicting physical pain or injury. Sexual abuse: Touching, fondling, intercourse or other sexual activity with an older adult if he or she can’t understand what’s going on, doesn’t consent, is threatened or forced to[…..]

Has the Time for Federal Criminal Justice Reform Come and Gone?

It seems like it was only yesterday that the federal criminal justice system started inching toward a better path, away from filling countless prisons with people convicted of non-violent crimes. But the momentum seems to have slowed, and many reformers are wondering if there’s still hope on the horizon for meaningful changes. It looks as if we are failing to heed Albert Einstein’s warning that “[i]nsanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.” However, we aren’t necessarily doomed to repeat the past. It’s worth taking the time to consider why the conversation over criminal justice is just as relevant as it’s ever been. Many Advocates are Fighting the Good Fight… Criminal justice reform[…..]

Curious About Your Ancestors? Using That DNA Website to Learn More Could Land You in Jail

DNA evidence has long been used by Kentucky law enforcement to try to find criminal suspects. Police in California used a commercial DNA business advertised as one to help customers track down family members to help it provide enough evidence to justify arresting a suspect believed to have committed a dozen killings, 45 rapes and more than 120 burglaries, the last one committed, as far as police know, 22 years ago. The man known as the Golden State Killer and the East Area Rapist was the subject of a cold case, one where investigators couldn’t come up with enough evidence for an arrest. They got creative and used DNA evidence to arrest James DeAngelo, a 72-year-old former police officer living[…..]

A Higher Minimum Wage Could Mean Fewer People in Jail

The easier it is for those released from jail in Indiana to support themselves legitimately, the less likely it is that they will return to committing crime and end up back in jail. Part of that could be a higher minimum wage and increased earned income tax credits (EITCs), according to a recent study by Clemson University economics professor Michael Makowsky and Amanda Agan, an economics professor at Rutgers University. They estimate that for every dollar the minimum wage increases, there is a one percent decrease in those going back to crime after being released from incarceration. There’s a bigger impact in states where earned income tax credits wage subsidies are available, though only for women. Most of the discussion[…..]

The Federal Estate Tax Has Changed, but It Still Exists.

Changes to the federal tax system enacted in December impacted but didn’t end the estate tax — at least, for the time being. The revision eased the burden of taxation, and as time goes by fewer and fewer Indiana families will have to deal with it, but it’s still on the books and will remain there. Depending on how much wealth you have, you may still need estate planning if you want to avoid or minimize the estate tax. The new federal tax law doubles the amount of money that’s automatically exempt from the federal estate tax, to about $11 million for an estate of a person who’s unmarried or $22 million for a married couple. The relaxation of the[…..]

No One Should Be Above the Law, Including Police Officers

Police officers perform a critical role in society. Without proper law enforcement, chaos would be widespread and people would take the law into their own hands. The police and law enforcement are important to Indiana, but officers who break the law and violate constitutional rights need to be accountable. Without this, society could descend into a different kind of chaos — one where law enforcement officers decide what the law is and how it should be enforced and who act as judge and jury. If a law enforcement officer violates a person’s constitutional rights, the victim may have recourse through federal and state laws. A primary reason civil rights laws exist is to protect citizens from abuses by government, including[…..]

Indiana Criminal Defense Attorney

Indiana criminal defense attorneys can’t take at face value prosecution claims and evidence supposedly found during an investigation. They have to be verified for their accuracy, that they’re genuine and the source of the evidence or claim is legitimate. We need to know whether evidence has been fabricated or obtained illegally and whether evidence pointing to another suspect has been ignored. If so, it may result in charges being dropped by the prosecution or a jury finding of not guilty. Much of this depends on relying on prosecutors to act in good faith and honesty, but unfortunately that’s not always true. Human Rights Watch accuses the federal government of secretly supplying evidence to local police and prosecutors to help them[…..]

If you get into an accident or your car becomes disabled in a rural area in Indiana or Kentucky where you can’t get help and may be stuck for a while, an emergency kit could be a big help in keeping you safe and sane. We rarely plan ahead for emergencies because we just don’t like to think about them, but you may be able to prevent serious problems if you prepare for them. The state government of Wisconsin, a place familiar with winter weather, has these suggestions for an emergency car kit: Shovel Windshield scraper and small broom Flashlight and extra batteries Battery-powered radio Water Snack food, including energy bars, raisins and mini candy bars Matches and small candles[…..]

Spyware and apps to track the location of smartphones are readily available, but if you’re getting a divorce there’s no good reason to use them. Even if you think your spouse is cheating on you, Indiana law allows for no-fault divorces, so there’s no legal need to prove a spouse is unfaithful. The use of spyware (software that allows you to track what a person is doing on a computer or smartphone and where they’re located) is illegal under Indiana law. Even if you download one of these programs and are able to keep it a secret from your spouse, no matter what blockbuster evidence of cheating you think you might find, it either won’t be relevant or, because the[…..]

How should Kentucky sentence low-level drug dealers, thieves and others found guilty of non-violent crimes? Should they be locked up, securely separated from the public (at least until they’re paroled or released) or should there be another, better, less expensive and effective way to hold these people accountable while making it less likely they’ll commit another crime after their sentences are over? A report released in December by Kentucky’s Justice Reinvestment Workgroup makes 22 recommendations that might be the basis of new legislation which could help reduce the rising prison population. There are so many “hot button” issues involved that the report’s creators admit they have a hard time agreeing on all the findings, reports WDRB. The report paints a[…..]