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Winter Emergency Car Kit

March 6th, 2018 by McNeely | Stephenson

If you get into an accident or your car becomes disabled in a rural area in Indiana or Kentucky where you can’t get help and may be stuck for a while, an emergency kit could be a big help in keeping you safe and sane. We rarely plan ahead for emergencies because we just don’t like to think about them, but you may be able to prevent serious problems if you prepare for them. The state government of Wisconsin, a place familiar with winter weather, has these suggestions for an emergency car kit: Shovel Windshield scraper and small broom Flashlight and extra batteries Battery-powered radio Water Snack food, including energy bars, raisins and mini candy bars Matches and small candles[…..]

A news report from television station WSBT in South Bend has brought attention to what could be a change in the way criminal forfeiture laws work in the state of Indiana. The report spotlights a new bipartisan bill introduced and passed by the Indiana Senate which may have far-reaching implications in the state’s criminal code. Senate Bill 8, first read on the Senate floor January 3, 2017 and passed by a vote of 213 yeas, 40 nays and 10 no-votes on its third reading, passed the Senate on February 28 and was first read in the House on March 6, where it was passed to the Committee on Courts and Criminal Code. Back to the Founders Senate Bill 8 has[…..]

Two-Way is Better than One

July 6th, 2017 by McNeely | Stephenson

Indiana Vehicle Accident Attorney

People who haven’t driven through historic downtown New Albany for a few months may be in for a considerable surprise. While downtown may not look different, travel has gone through some substantial changes. Specifically, for a variety of reasons, the city of New Albany and its leaders have decided that many of the one-way streets would function more effectively as two-way streets, especially some of the major thoroughfares. It is the culmination of a study first begun seven years ago and will cost $1.9 million in federal money to complete the changes. Work began on May 15. According to The News and Tribune, a newspaper covering parts of Southern Indiana, including New Albany, the following streets will be converted from[…..]


A bill signed into law this April in Indiana will significantly raise the penalties for ransomware attacks in Indiana. Ransomware, according to TechTerms, is defined as: “A type of Malware that prevents you from using your computer or accessing certain files unless you pay a ransom. It often encrypts files so they cannot be opened.” The Indiana Economic Digest suggests the bill is a response to several ransomware attacks in Indiana last year. They report that in November 2016, the Madison County government system was accessed and an individual encrypted files and demanded money to open them. Also in November, 76,000 Howard County government files were ransomed.  The website BleepingComputer also reports that King’s Daughter Health Center in Madison was[…..]


When many of us are at the bank, the airport, or even just a bar, we don’t think twice about pulling out our driver’s license or passport to prove who we are. For transgender individuals, however, if the way they look and feel on the outside doesn’t match the gender marker on their ID, it can put them in a tricky situation. It can cause them to miss flights, get questioned by the authorities, or in some cases, make them immediate targets for public humiliation, hostility, or violence. Almost half of the states in this nation require proof of reassignment surgery, a court order, or both before allowing a gender marker change on state-issued ID cards or a driver’s license,[…..]

Safe Internet

The internet has made it possible to transfer information faster and easier than ever before. It’s almost hard to believe how quickly communication has changed in our lifetime, but not all of the effects are positive. Having your privacy compromised, being hacked, getting your identity stolen, and cyberbullying are just a few of the destructive consequences that have arisen from online use. In a true reflection of global community, Safer Internet Day began in 2012 as a joint effort between the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the European Commission to raise awareness of the dangers that lurk online and how to protect yourself. Observed in early February, this year’s theme is “Be the Change: Unite for a Better Internet,”[…..]