Attorney Mediation

Kentuckiana Mediation Attorneys

Mediation provides a cost-effective and timely method to the resolution of disputes. Instead of fighting it out in an often protracted and expensive courtroom struggle, mediation allows the parties to sit down together and with the help of a mediator craft the best possible solution to their issue. Most importantly, the parties themselves remain the decision makers at a mediation. By contrast, if the dispute reaches a trial, the parties are left at the mercy of a jury and/or judge and the dirty little secret about trials is no one has any idea what is going to happen. Parties can eliminate this risk by coming to Larry and having him assist you in resolving your matter. Disputes can be submitted to mediation both before and after a case has been filed in court.

Larry truly enjoys mediation and is a huge advocate for the process. Utilizing his years of experience in being a trial lawyer, he works with parties to help them obtain a realistic view of the strengths and weaknesses of their dispute and to formulate an appropriate resolution. Larry likes to say his job is to take the parties from trying to “ . . . compare apples to oranges” to a place where they can just begin to “just compare apples” and determine the best possible settlement. This process takes compromise and patience but it works as long as all sides come to the table with an earnest desire to resolve their issues.

Mediation works extremely well in areas such as:

  • Professional Malpractice including legal malpractice;
  • Personal injury claims;
  • Property disputes;
  • Business and Contractual disputes;
  • Insurance disputes;
  • Estate/Probate disputes.

If you find yourself in need of help in resolving your dispute, give Larry a call. Typically, he can schedule a mediation session quickly and will work tirelessly to help you reach an appropriate resolution.