Few things can cause an argument more quickly in a crowded room in the United States than the question of whether it is a God-given right for people to own as many firearms as they want. The argument ultimately comes down to the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, and to a couple of specific passages. Opponents to current laws concerning gun ownership refer to the opening passage, which cites “a well-regulated militia”; they suggest that since most adults aren’t members of a militia, gun ownership is not guaranteed, but can be more heavily regulated. Proponents and those that think it should be easier to get firearms point to the last passage, which states, “the right of the people[…..]

A news report from television station WSBT in South Bend has brought attention to what could be a change in the way criminal forfeiture laws work in the state of Indiana. The report spotlights a new bipartisan bill introduced and passed by the Indiana Senate which may have far-reaching implications in the state’s criminal code. Senate Bill 8, first read on the Senate floor January 3, 2017 and passed by a vote of 213 yeas, 40 nays and 10 no-votes on its third reading, passed the Senate on February 28 and was first read in the House on March 6, where it was passed to the Committee on Courts and Criminal Code. Back to the Founders Senate Bill 8 has[…..]

According to an updated report released by the Governors’ Highway Safety Administration (GHSA), drugged driving has become more prevalent than drunk driving. Based on studies made by several different organizations to compile the information, more victims in fatal wrecks have drugs in their system than alcohol. The report, released originally in 2015, defines drugs as any substance that can impair driving, and lists four broad categories: illegal drugs (narcotics, stimulants, depressants and hallucinogens), legal non-medicinal drugs, prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. Drugged Driving on the Rise The issue has been illustrated most clearly in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS). The system tests a percentage of drivers in fatal accidents, and in the last[…..]

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People who haven’t driven through historic downtown New Albany for a few months may be in for a considerable surprise. While downtown may not look different, travel has gone through some substantial changes. Specifically, for a variety of reasons, the city of New Albany and its leaders have decided that many of the one-way streets would function more effectively as two-way streets, especially some of the major thoroughfares. It is the culmination of a study first begun seven years ago and will cost $1.9 million in federal money to complete the changes. Work began on May 15. According to The News and Tribune, a newspaper covering parts of Southern Indiana, including New Albany, the following streets will be converted from[…..]


A bill signed into law this April in Indiana will significantly raise the penalties for ransomware attacks in Indiana. Ransomware, according to TechTerms, is defined as: “A type of Malware that prevents you from using your computer or accessing certain files unless you pay a ransom. It often encrypts files so they cannot be opened.” The Indiana Economic Digest suggests the bill is a response to several ransomware attacks in Indiana last year. They report that in November 2016, the Madison County government system was accessed and an individual encrypted files and demanded money to open them. Also in November, 76,000 Howard County government files were ransomed.  The website BleepingComputer also reports that King’s Daughter Health Center in Madison was[…..]

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If there’s one thing the United States has plenty of, it’s opinions. America prides itself on allowing its citizens to criticize how the country is run. On one hand, this freedom makes it hard for decisions to be made, but on the other hand, it offers the promise of a system of checks and balances. The criminal justice system is continually under this kind of scrutiny. That might be because, for all of the nation’s greatness, it imprisons more people per capita than any other. Here are some facts: There are 102 federal prisons, 1,719 state prisons, 901 juvenile correctional facilities, and 3,163 local jails. Within those establishments live more than 2.3 million people. Between 70 million and 100 million adults have,[…..]


When many of us are at the bank, the airport, or even just a bar, we don’t think twice about pulling out our driver’s license or passport to prove who we are. For transgender individuals, however, if the way they look and feel on the outside doesn’t match the gender marker on their ID, it can put them in a tricky situation. It can cause them to miss flights, get questioned by the authorities, or in some cases, make them immediate targets for public humiliation, hostility, or violence. Almost half of the states in this nation require proof of reassignment surgery, a court order, or both before allowing a gender marker change on state-issued ID cards or a driver’s license,[…..]

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April 14th: — the day President Lincoln was shot in Ford’s Theatre; the day the Titanic hit that iceberg; and the day when ex-spouses are encouraged to remember each other. While relationships can sometimes feel like a disaster, the Reverend Ronald Coleman of Kansas City, Missouri, created National Ex-Spouse Day as a day for healing. He intended that people who were going through or had gone through divorce set aside some time to let go of any negative feelings they had toward their former spouse. That process could be coupled with symbolic gestures such as deleting those upsetting old emails or texts, returning (or disposing of) items that belong to your ex, or journaling about your emotions to clear your[…..]

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Most people consider their pets to be part of the family. Many pets even get matching sweaters for the holiday photo cards and portraits. We take care of their needs, like they’re furry toddlers – only they can be left alone without much worry. Companion animals have been known to lower stress, teach children compassion, and help ease symptoms of depression. When it comes to divorce, deciding who gets Fluffy and Fido is just one of the many areas that has to be negotiated. Recently, pet custody has been a hot topic in courtrooms across the country, and Indiana is no exception. Generally, animals are considered by the law as property, objects to be owned. Judges have been dividing up[…..]

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A driving under the influence (DUI) conviction on your record is embarrassing enough as it is, but to have it follow you around the job market puts you in a tough spot. It can absolutely affect a person’s future employment prospects, as most employers make a point to inquire about misdemeanor and felony convictions, and lots of them also routinely perform background checks from law enforcement agencies. Everyone deserves a second chance, and many people caught drinking and driving make sure to never let it happen again. Luckily, there are reasonable employers out there who understand that making mistakes is only human — but you won’t likely be able to completely avoid a few frustrating rejection letters. Whether referred to[…..]