If there’s one thing the United States has plenty of, it’s opinions. America prides itself on allowing its citizens to criticize how the country is run. On one hand, this freedom makes it hard for decisions to be made, but on the other hand, it offers the promise of a system of checks and balances. The criminal justice system is continually under this kind of scrutiny. That might be because, for all of the nation’s greatness, it imprisons more people per capita than any other. Here are some facts: There are 102 federal prisons, 1,719 state prisons, 901 juvenile correctional facilities, and 3,163 local jails. Within those establishments live more than 2.3 million people. Between 70 million and 100 million adults have,[…..]

When many of us are at the bank, the airport, or even just a bar, we don’t think twice about pulling out our driver’s license or passport to prove who we are. For transgender individuals, however, if the way they look and feel on the outside doesn’t match the gender marker on their ID, it can put them in a tricky situation. It can cause them to miss flights, get questioned by the authorities, or in some cases, make them immediate targets for public humiliation, hostility, or violence. Almost half of the states in this nation require proof of reassignment surgery, a court order, or both before allowing a gender marker change on state-issued ID cards or a driver’s license,[…..]

April 14th: — the day President Lincoln was shot in Ford’s Theatre; the day the Titanic hit that iceberg; and the day when ex-spouses are encouraged to remember each other. While relationships can sometimes feel like a disaster, the Reverend Ronald Coleman of Kansas City, Missouri, created National Ex-Spouse Day as a day for healing. He intended that people who were going through or had gone through divorce set aside some time to let go of any negative feelings they had toward their former spouse. That process could be coupled with symbolic gestures such as deleting those upsetting old emails or texts, returning (or disposing of) items that belong to your ex, or journaling about your emotions to clear your[…..]

Most people consider their pets to be part of the family. Many pets even get matching sweaters for the holiday photo cards and portraits. We take care of their needs, like they’re furry toddlers – only they can be left alone without much worry. Companion animals have been known to lower stress, teach children compassion, and help ease symptoms of depression. When it comes to divorce, deciding who gets Fluffy and Fido is just one of the many areas that has to be negotiated. Recently, pet custody has been a hot topic in courtrooms across the country, and Indiana is no exception. Generally, animals are considered by the law as property, objects to be owned. Judges have been dividing up[…..]

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A driving under the influence (DUI) conviction on your record is embarrassing enough as it is, but to have it follow you around the job market puts you in a tough spot. It can absolutely affect a person’s future employment prospects, as most employers make a point to inquire about misdemeanor and felony convictions, and lots of them also routinely perform background checks from law enforcement agencies. Everyone deserves a second chance, and many people caught drinking and driving make sure to never let it happen again. Luckily, there are reasonable employers out there who understand that making mistakes is only human — but you won’t likely be able to completely avoid a few frustrating rejection letters. Whether referred to[…..]

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Electronic monitoring was first developed at Harvard University in the 1960s and became a judicially sanctioned program by the mid-1980s. Based on the principle that surveillance deters criminal behavior, ankle monitors (also known as tethers) are often used for house arrest or parole of mostly non-violent misdemeanor offenders as an alternative to prison time. Most of these devices are bulky black boxes that are designed to be tamper-resistant. Attempts at removal or obstruction can automatically notify the authorities. Fundamentally, ankle monitors are homing devices that use radio frequencies to transmit a signal to a receiver in the wearer’s house. The receiver relays the information to a service center that sends out alerts if the bracelet ventures outside of the permitted area.[…..]

Married parents get to choose whether they will (or whether they can) finance their child’s college education. For divorced parents, however, that choice is one of the luxuries they often have to sacrifice. Nearly everyone is familiar with the concept of child support in divorce and custody cases. The court can (and nearly always does) order one parent to pay child support to the other parent. Child support is a contribution toward the child’s basic needs: a roof over his head, food in her stomach, clothes on his back. Child support ends at a certain age by statute or upon certain life events, such as marriage or enlistment in the military. When the parents don’t have a combined household, how[…..]

While you never know when you might have to rely on someone else, there are ways you can prepare for the possibility. The financial power of attorney (POA) is the cornerstone to any estate plan.  It allows a person (the principal) to give legal authority to someone else (the attorney-in-fact) to take financial actions on the principal’s behalf. There are many situations where having such a document and creating such a relationship is preferable to allowing one’s personal finances to languish. Of course, the planning needs of an unmarried, childless 21-year-old are likely not the same as a 65-year-old married couple with grandchildren, but powers of attorney are highly customizable. Third parties cannot simply make financial decisions for someone else[…..]

The internet has made it possible to transfer information faster and easier than ever before. It’s almost hard to believe how quickly communication has changed in our lifetime, but not all of the effects are positive. Having your privacy compromised, being hacked, getting your identity stolen, and cyberbullying are just a few of the destructive consequences that have arisen from online use. In a true reflection of global community, Safer Internet Day began in 2012 as a joint effort between the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the European Commission to raise awareness of the dangers that lurk online and how to protect yourself. Observed in early February, this year’s theme is “Be the Change: Unite for a Better Internet,”[…..]

Can people change? If an adult commits murder, that person is tried in court and if found guilty, will go to prison. What if a child commits murder? Has true justice been served if that child is found guilty in an adult court and sentenced to twice as much prison time as he or she has even been alive? Or are a person’s developmental years dynamic enough to suggest a child felon can go on to lead a productive, happy life? Paul’s Law, which passed in 2013, addresses that very issue. Paul Gingerich was 12 years old when he was an accomplice in the murder of his friend’s stepfather 45 miles outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The plan was to[…..]